The Missing Link

Sumana Saha

Emotions are self-indulgent,

Emotions are boundless.

We can control them,

Yet, we let them control us.

Love brings meaning to life,

Brother, sister, a family or

Husband and wife.

Love often leads us through winding lanes,

And when not reciprocated,

Brings agonizing pain.

Anger, among us is easy to find,

Creating more confusion than clearing the mind,

Careless words and actions follow,

Burdening us with a painful tomorrow.

Our lives turn as cold as frost,

When all the bliss is forever lost.

Joy lights up our lives in every way,

Just like bright, sparkling sunshine in the month of May


Where’s this joy one would ask for,

Look into yourself,

And in its warmth, you’ll perpetually bask.

If lying is all that you do,

Your friends will be all but few.

When life doesn’t seem fair,

Think of all those for whom you care.

And what to do now, you’d think

Try to find the missing link.

There’s almost nothing to say,

Just mend your life in every way.


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