He brooded in darkness

Where there is no one else

Not a voice,

Not a soul,

Nor the warmth of another heart.





There were no doors to be opened,

No locks to be turned.


There was only the thick, dark night

Where he fumbled and found nothing.

The thing he touched………

The thing he felt……….

Was he himself.


No problem is beyond solution

With this science exists

Without this the science dies

He was the ultimate scientist

How could he refuse the calling?


He created a mighty dream of his own

A hypothesis of a new world

He tormented himself

And tried to find a way.

At last the time came

When the answer dawns.


The time has come to destroy

The darkness, the loneliness, the sorrow

The experiment must begin

Leaning forward he gazed into the dark and said,

“Let there be light”

and there was light.



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