The darkside


A lot of girls end up going back to the person they left or the ones who left them. Maybe the fear of being alone overshadows our sanity. We forget or rather choose to forget why we left in first place. The urge of having someone to talk to, to love, to care about doesn’t leave much space for rationality to govern our actions.

But, this time too it will not work out. Because we came with all the grumbles and baggage we managed to accumulate in the previous lap of our relationships. Those of us who have the tendency of breaking up and getting back together repeatedly,do not accept this fact and each time they try to start afresh. But sooner or later, the baggage they carry starts to unpack and the demons come out.

The fact is love is never enough, mostly because it is not rational. Love requires putting up with the habits of each other. We can never like a person fully, each and every single thing about him. We just like him enough to accept the things we dislike. Here comes the concept of compromise.

The conflict starts when love winds up being second to compromise. You do things he loves and somewhere in between being who he needs you to be and being what you actually are, you lose yourself.

A stranger to ownself is not something you can easily recover from. It’s like all the things you thought defines you becomes dim and are totally different from the person you have changed into to be accepted by your lover.  And when the things turn bad -the person you love is gone and so does the memory of who you used to be. You struggle to accept the situation and the fact that you’re now a stranger to yourself.

Think twice!


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