Fight the urge to fade away,

Fight the urge to give up,

Fight the urge to forget the world

And live as you want to.


Fight the thing that’s holding you back,

Fight the thing that makes you cry,

Fight the thing that’s causing a storm,

And not letting you rise.


Fight to raise your dead hope,

Fight to succumb to your fears,

Fight to stop the fire, the people

Have intentionally lit inside.


Fight like you’ve never fought before,

Fight like a true Crusader,

Fight like the world’s at your fight,

And win the fight outright.


Fight for everyone, they deserve it,

Fight for your great, big family,

Fight for yourself and your soul,

So you can live in peace.


Fight so that you can rise,

Fight so that you can look around,

Fight so that you are the hero we deserve,

And also the hero we need.


Fight and your fire will be rekindled,

Fight and you will be a hero once more,

Fight to remain in the minds of people,

As the brave Dark Knight of lore.




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