Silence and me

   Sourav Sarkar

Amidst a day spent in a daze
Silence has got a sound presence.

The morning starts with an urge to top,
I dream to fight the world and cop.
Noon comes with a gloomy face,
Yes it’s hard to match up with the pace.
Evening finds a feeble me
A cigarette in hand, and an urge to be free.
The night gives me a mocking laugh,
“See I told you itzz gonna be tough.”

Yes it was enough for me to CRY;
A perfect stage set to pretend and lie.

Reviewing the day, I found,
People were so busy to speak;
That I ‘listening’ was,
Considered an aged habit.
“Yes SILENCE; can you hear me??
It is you the culprit are.”
I had admired you every night
Surely I feel now I was out of my sight.

Silence answered in the cloak of a chill;
With a pen and a paper I found myself sitting still.
The sobs were vanishing as the morning is about to follow,
Silently I started dreaming again for tomorrow.


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