Rage… Rage against the DARK


Water pooling on the table,

Tears arising from broken dreams,

The disproving of childhood fables,

Bing forced to cry in silent screams.


Fire licking at the walls,

Crackling timber giving way,

Among the sea of shaven skulls

None will pity, none to sway.


Air mingling with rolling smoke,

Dusty eddies of soot and ash,

Lungs to sear and throats to choke

Fear to sow and lives to trash.


Earth engulfing the burning house,

Rafters snapping, crashing down,

Bringing an end to an ancient grouse

The remnants entombed within the ground.




This is an account of a house, with all its occupants, being torched by religious fanatics. This piece is a byproduct of my utter disgust at the religious orthodoxy shown by the Ulemas in Kashmir. Their declaration of a fatwa against the all-girl rock band Pragaash resulted in their disbandment.


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