Foropick: Growing by Ourselves




We are Foro- which means a medium; and we provide maintenance and management of everything a man may need on a daily basis. We come in so that we can maintain and manage things for you while you can invest more time in maintaining the things which specifically need your presence- that is yourself, your family and friends.

Our moto is simple if there’s a thing that someone else can maintain and manage for you- we shall do it, so that you get more time for things which no one else can do for you.

We provide the right maintenance for your household goods by professionals and manage to decorate your home, plan Weddings & Receptions, plan yours kid’s birthday or get the best of everything that you may need in your daily life which is related to where you stay, things you use to take care of yourself and capture all happy moments of your lives.

The need of the hour is digitalization of the unorganized sector in the household maintenance service and event management. We want to bring this unorganized sector under one digital umbrella, by making use of technology and smart processes to coagulate the structure of the highly unorganized service market in India and give rise to a concrete framework, so that these services are just a click away on websites or mobile apps.



We have come up with the following:

Proper Maintainence of the place you stay in:
We shall enable you to lead your daily life in the best possible ambience and aid you in perfecting every corner of your residence including masonry, carpentry, electricians, plumbers, pest control, painters, packers and movers and shiftibg services.

Household goods:
We pledge to offer first hand servicing of household appliances just at the distance of a click. Some of our services include upkeeping of kitchen gadgets like mixers and grinders, microwave ovens, chimneys, refrigerators, aquaguards and common electronic gadgets like the television, air conditioners, cell phones, sound systems, speakers, automobiles and many more.

Managing yourself in the best possible way:
A sound body is important as a sound mind. Amidst all the daily chores when you almost forget about yourself, we step in to send to your doorstep the doctor, the beautician, the pujari, the lawyer, the driver and the attendants as per your demand.

Making your happiest moments memorable:
Event management shall be executed for both family occasions and professional meetings. Right from booking the right place for the event to catering the right food and proper decorations, we shall see that the entire programme is hosted smoothly.

On your call, we shall also make sure to capture the very precious moments of your life by professional photographers.

Special Theme based events
Multi-cuisine catering
Christmas & New Year parties
Musicians, Emcee & Artists, DJs
Videography & Photography
Wedding Planning & Reception
Birthday Planning


Here for the right people, we at foro understand this problem of time, hence on your request we shall make sure that you get the right professional for all your day to day requirements. Whatever time you can squeeze from your busy day- spend it with family and friends, while we maintain all things around you.

In the present circumstance, it is very difficult to get the right professional for your household services on an urgent demand. We assure you that you will get the professional right when you need it, and not after a while. Providing this service on an urgent basis is our responsibility and our business policy.

We understand that your job takes you places, while your parents are there back at home; they can’t roam around looking for the right man for the job. Thus with your one click we will send the reliable professional at your doorstop while you stay miles away.

If the locality is unknown, getting a local personnel to fix your broken pipe can be a hell of a job- we shall make sure with one click, the right local professional reaches your doorstep. We shall give you home delivery of all your common household services.

The need for these services is age old, but there is no contemporary solution to these problems. Like Uber is the response to today’s transportation problem, we are the contemporary solution to these age old needs of home maintenance services.


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