Sourav Sarkar 

The responsibilities are packed in thee,

The old, weary grayish-black bag.

The drooped shoulder and the fatigued limbs,

Striving hard to find the way back.


Ohh Yes!! It was just an ‘another day’.

The clouds have covered the sky.

The old sun is chanting an elegy;

I just felt that I need a place to cry.


I tend to celebrate the agony;

The price of a cigarette is too low.

I thought of buying an evening from the city;

Having got so much for you to show.


Ohh Yes!! It’s the twilight now;

20 years, I haven’t seen one since then.

Those lazy college afternoons creeping into evenings;

Wonder, how memories can still so remain.


 The day is growing fast old;

TWILIGHT!! It needs to be followed by night.

Me, a middle aged jobless man from today,

In search of a place away from the city’s sight.








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