Everything you spoke, was nothing to them.

It was exaggerating!           It was stupid!

It was a lie!

They don’t see what you see!

They don’t feel what you feel!

And they don’t seek what you seek!

You tried to disturb them from tranquility of repetition,

How could you!!

Didn’t you know…..?

It was disturbing!           It was disgraceful!

It was unkind!

You think you were right all the way!

That’s your perspective!

There are, of course, those who did not want you to speak,

as your word might create dilemma in their mind.

It would retain its power!     It could offer the means to meanings!

It would bring the enunciation of truth to them!

And you still want to find the guilty!

O’ boy you need to look into the mirror.

You tried to finger their disguised peace and prosperity!

And sought the end of their silence!

People with reasoning capability may listen,

But won’t stand beside you.

People with perception may assent,

But will never anticipate.

There is no use to make you understand as you won’t.

As you consider yourself to be whistle-blower! huh!

Kid! You will never find the answer as

It wasn’t possible!   It isn’t possible!

It won’t be possible!









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