A Childhood Lost



The innocence of the big brown eyes
Fighting back the tears,
The warmth of the smile on her face
That has had a lot to bear.
Small, soft hands clutching on a toffee
That on the road was tossed,
Dirt in her hands, feet and face
Reminiscing a childhood lost.
She was just nine years of age
But yet seemed a lifetime old,
Sleeping in the usual, dusty, patched-up rags
Shivering in the cold.
The brick factory was where she worked
To earn a livelihood,
With nowhere to go and a brother to care for
She lost her childhood!

She often wondered where her parents were
Something she never knew
But long back, they’d died in a wild fire
When, she was just two.
The streets became her house, the dogs her playmates
As she trembled in the winter frost
Abused, beaten, humiliated, a little girl child
And her childhood lost!

A childhood with special memories
For those school-going kids,
She didn’t want cricket bats or doll houses
Some food only she needs.

Under the withering tree, nursing her broken hand
And recollecting what it had cost,
She never knew how it was to be young
For her childhood was lost!


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