Britain to Leave EU

Pallavi Ekbote


What is Brexit?

Brexit is literally British Exit (from the EU – European Union) and is favored by the majority of the voters in the UK. British and European leaders shall negotiate the terms of Britain’s departure based on the result of the Referendum deal held on June 23.


About European Union :

After world war 2, a movement was created for the alliance of 28 European countries including UK in 1993. EU operates single market and allows free movement of goods, services and people between the member states.


Why Britain departed from EU :

In 2008, a financial crisis occurred, resulting a recession in Europe. As a result, unemployment rose and tax revenue fell. Banks needed bailouts. The financial crisis of EU were uneasy for the wealthy nations like UK. Also, the employment opportunities in Britain got the attention of other European nations, and they started migrating to England. This was also the major fact that made the British voters to leave the European Union.


Votes that decided whether to remain or to leave

The vote for leaving –  51.9% (17,410,742)

The vote for staying – 48.1% (16,141,241)

More than 30 million people have voted.



What Article 50 claims :

According to Art-50 of the European Union treaty, the state should be notified and obliged to try to negotiate a withdrawal agreement. However, the Brexit doesn’t represent this notification. It could take place within days. Hence, the vote is not legally binding and still can be theoretically blocked.



Consequences of this step :

1- The departure resulted in the resignation by the British PM David Cameron as he had not wished the country to exit from the EU.

2- The possibilities are that the next PM could be Boris Johnson, a member of Cameron’s conservative party & formal London Mayor.

3- The products, services and people of British could be in danger, losing it’s easy entry into other European countries.

4- About 1.2 million British people currently live in other EU countries. Immigration would be more complex issue resulted by the Brexit.



Impact on Indian Economy :

Sources are that there won’t be much chaos between India and UK in terms of trade and business, but the outsourced factories & offices in India might be recalled to Britain to create job opportunities. Since India is the largest investor of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in UK, it is obvious that UK will have to keep lesser regulation to India for the growth of their economy. However, Indian companies would be dealing with two sets of laws – European Union and Britain.



A Letter that Matters the MOST

Pallavi Ekbote


The Human Being,

Planet no. 3,

Solar System

Subject:  Complaining about poor maintenance of the residence.

Dear my creature,

I am writing this letter to you to complain about the poor maintenance of the residence and the troubles which I have to face due to it.

Since many years, ailment has become a routine for me. Perhaps, I may succumb soon. The reason why I have issues only with you and not with other creatures is because they are obeying my precepts and living their lives facilely. A mother always shows solicitude and whatever she advises, it is for the betterment of her children. When you were born, my only desire was to acquaint you with everyone in the universe, but then I thought to let you ascertain about us, and you did it. You found about your mother, all your relatives, the stars, the planets and most prominently your grandfather-the Sun. You were my beloved child. This is the reason why I bestowed you a special reward of sentiments and thought process. Though your progress fascinated me, after a certain period, it didn’t seem like before. Having technological power certainly does not mean that you do everything as per your wish. It is your technological misuse that has left me in a serious condition. I am suffering from a high fever called ‘Global Warming’ due to some greenhouse gases present in my body. I have been coughing ceaselessly since many years because of pollution. It was endurable for me at the early age when you were a juvenile, but then I had to take some undesirable actions to make you evolve into a better personality.

There were many times when I was so cheesed off that nothing could stop me. My numerous negative emotions like Floods, Droughts, Volcano eruptions, Tsunamis and Earthquakes had come out of me. It made you realize your mistake but only for a couple of months. It all started again. Although water produced by me is salty, I offer you fresh water by the process of rain. It isn’t my fault that you deforest the land and then abide water crisis. Your grandfather provides you not only sunlight but different sources of energy that keeps you alive. It isn’t his fault that you defile me unconditionally and slay my Ozone army which dauntlessly protects me from UV rays. Trees create their own food by photosynthesis. They don’t greed for more. Animals and birds have their own meal. They don’t come and eat from your plate, do they? Then why are you intruding in their lives? The land doesn’t belong only to you. I obviously let you have access to adequate resources up-to your requirement, but please don’t harm others’ habitats. They also deserve a life just like you. As I mentioned earlier, you are special to me but don’t force me to show up my wrath again. I can’t watch the decease of my own children. There won’t be any purpose of my existence then. Has anybody ever wanted her mother to pass away? If no, then please stop polluting my breath (air), stop cutting my arms (trees), stop killing your brothers and sisters (animals & birds) and stop being selfish!

As a mother, I request you to take immediate actions against this very sensitive and significant matter. You are grown up now, so you should take some responsibility of maintaining your own house. Otherwise I’ll have to take some stringent action before I perish!

Thanking you,

                                                                                                                                                  Yours truly,

Mother Earth

Attachment of my health reports:


Pallavi Ekbote


The values taught by monsoon does not limit it merely as just a season. In fact, it has become a foremost part of our lives.



Every time I meet him he greets me with a smile,

A khaki trouser and a rod in hand count on his style.

The age has shown more on the face than on his lean body.

The Square face and the tiny eyes, we all call him ‘Nepali’.


He was born in a teeming slum of Kalimpong.

Every night he sings out one same old Nepali song.

His guitar has some broken chords which matches with his voice

and some magic there will make you listen without any choice.

He sings from his heart and we think from our head,

And thus have failed every time in our efforts to translate.


His father used to play the guitar, love was the only sake.

His name is still marked on the wrecked guitar’s neck.

He was just a novice teen when his father died,

And probably the only time he claims that he had openly cried.

He had to leave his studies and started singing in a local bar;

But the girl he loved was always worried about their future.

Thinking about making money he once made up his mind,

Boarded a train to the city to see what he could find.


He is now a gatekeeper of this reputed society.

Perhaps earns some money more than a hillside bar singer.

Every month he gives away half his money to some charity.

As he had got no one on the hills to send his earnings for.


His lady love had married some hill based businessman.

Every time we speak about this, he tries to laugh out loud.

The filthy city had gifted him this, the best what it can;

A pensive laugh on the face and an effort to lie profound.

He does not talk much of hills anymore, he talks of only fear,

And sings that old song at the night with less grief and more anger.









প্রিয় বন্ধু

অনুশ্রী কর

তখন আমি ছোট্টো বড়, তখন আমি পুঁচকি,
মায়ের কাছে আদর আমি খেতাম দিন রাত্রি..
সুখেই ছিলাম ভালো ছিলাম ছোট্ট বেলার মাঝে,
বকুনি আর কানমোলাটা খেতাম মাঝে মাঝে..
এখন আমি বড়ো হয়েছি, খাইনা তো আর বকা,
জীবন টা আজ বদলে গিয়ে হয়েছি আমি একা..
মাগো ভালো লাগে আজও তোমার কোলে শুতে,
আদর করে মাঝে মাঝে তোমার বকা খেতে..
যখন আমি একলা থাকি কিচ্ছুটি না পাই খুঁজে,
মনে হয় মা এক ছুট্টে লোকাই তোমার মাঝে..
তুমি আছো বলেই মাগো আছি আমি বেঁচে,
তোমার মতো বন্ধু মাগো পাইনি আমি খুঁজে…..


Pallavi Ekbote


                                            Success is just a matter of luck, isn’t it? No. We are here for living our life to the fullest. We might not realize it immediately but we do realize at the right time. All of us have some kind of anxiety and these restrain us from being what we are passionate to be. Decisions turn into regrets and confidence gets lowered slowly. We ought to think twice or better a hundred times before we end up living like a slave. Time switches, situation changes and so should you do!

                                                 Many times we hear people saying rather threatening by reciting the so called dialogue, ‘what will people say?’ We keep swallowing the dose and do things they prefer. Eventually it is requisite according to the conditions where you reside or what sort of people you live with but it does not always happen. We must keep our minds relaxed, take a deep breath and follow our dreams. But it doesn’t end up just doing whatever you like. Envision how your life would be if you were in a profession you are taking right now because you’re devoted to it. Make sure that you are getting adequate time for your family as well as your friends because they always accompany you. Decide your priorities very wisely. You may seem very enthused over your new job or your career or new friends but do not overlook the ‘roots’ in your journey. Be a modest person despite your level of richness. Try to make others happy by helping or just impart your time to them. People won’t remember you by your wealth but by seeing how you cherish others’ lives. Do not wait for future to come, instead make not only yours but also make sure that your loved one’s wishes come true. Shed tears if you need because it helps to release soreness. It is nowhere written that crying symbolizes fragility because if it did then God would never had made this thing to impair your confidence. Believe in him and thank him whenever you accomplish something in your life even if that is the slightest but the most important thing, a smile. If you are an atheist still you will express your gratitude to your God i.e your parents. Don’t ever feel remorseful or think of suicide. Promise yourself that you will recover it by yourself. Better late than never. Just remember, you are a foremost person in your game called ‘life’. The power you accrue through this are the people in your life who genuinely want to see you happy and are trying their best to help you go further. The demon in your game is your fear. Once you overcome every bit of it, you will automatically be confident and it will enlighten your life. Through struggle & commitment to yourself, you will conquer the winning trophy called ‘Success’!

                                                Ascending the throne is in your hands. Do not let the destiny decide your life. There are no free lunches. Wake up, work hard and design your own destiny. Give it a try, give your best, keep boosting yourself and make your life a ‘Dream Life’ which everyone wants to live, because Fortune always favors the Bold!


The Cartoonist



He shall be an artist his mother had always known.
As a toddler he had bitten on a crayon,
And the colour had invaded his guts, it had found a way to his heart,
And to an alert mind, to prey on.

He captured all he saw, in strokes bold and sure,
Lines, shapes, shades coalesced in his mind,
He caught them before they escaped and promptly pinned them on paper
He amazes everyone, He was one of a kind.

His mother had encouraged him. His father had been too busy to notice.
“An artist, is what he shall be”, his mother proudly said,
But she could not see her son become a great artist,
For the car crashed and she lay there cold and dead.

Things changed. He shut himself up in his room.
Disconnected from the world, he fulfilled her wish.
He drew and painted cartoons all day long.
Tracing the roundness of the bird’s head,
He coloured her yellow as a canary should be.
He painted the little bow on the mouse’s head red
As it should be for a little in love with the blue buttoned mouse was she.
He filled the ogre’s head with green,
Careful not to spill out the edges.
He gave the little pig a little pink tail and twisted its end into a knot.

The little dog’s nose was egg-shaped as was humpty himself;
The ducklings had just the right touch of orange.
He filled his room with cartoons, sat for hours at end,
Busy mixing colours, sketching, erasing,
He fulfilled his mother’s dream.

One night, he sat in his room, looking at all his works,
He sat through the night, neither admiring nor being proud,
Of the beauty he created over time.
Then finally, when the sun rays peeped through the window, He rose.
He lighted the match and threw it on his works.
Stood there watching silently while everything turned to ashes.
He had no purpose in life. The person who loved his works the most,
Wasn’t there. He destroyed everything.
“An artist, is what he shall be”, his mother proudly said,
He closed his eyes, remembered her face, tears rolled down his cheeks,
He missed her. The cartoonist in him, WAS DEAD.