Pallavi Ekbote


                                            Success is just a matter of luck, isn’t it? No. We are here for living our life to the fullest. We might not realize it immediately but we do realize at the right time. All of us have some kind of anxiety and these restrain us from being what we are passionate to be. Decisions turn into regrets and confidence gets lowered slowly. We ought to think twice or better a hundred times before we end up living like a slave. Time switches, situation changes and so should you do!

                                                 Many times we hear people saying rather threatening by reciting the so called dialogue, ‘what will people say?’ We keep swallowing the dose and do things they prefer. Eventually it is requisite according to the conditions where you reside or what sort of people you live with but it does not always happen. We must keep our minds relaxed, take a deep breath and follow our dreams. But it doesn’t end up just doing whatever you like. Envision how your life would be if you were in a profession you are taking right now because you’re devoted to it. Make sure that you are getting adequate time for your family as well as your friends because they always accompany you. Decide your priorities very wisely. You may seem very enthused over your new job or your career or new friends but do not overlook the ‘roots’ in your journey. Be a modest person despite your level of richness. Try to make others happy by helping or just impart your time to them. People won’t remember you by your wealth but by seeing how you cherish others’ lives. Do not wait for future to come, instead make not only yours but also make sure that your loved one’s wishes come true. Shed tears if you need because it helps to release soreness. It is nowhere written that crying symbolizes fragility because if it did then God would never had made this thing to impair your confidence. Believe in him and thank him whenever you accomplish something in your life even if that is the slightest but the most important thing, a smile. If you are an atheist still you will express your gratitude to your God i.e your parents. Don’t ever feel remorseful or think of suicide. Promise yourself that you will recover it by yourself. Better late than never. Just remember, you are a foremost person in your game called ‘life’. The power you accrue through this are the people in your life who genuinely want to see you happy and are trying their best to help you go further. The demon in your game is your fear. Once you overcome every bit of it, you will automatically be confident and it will enlighten your life. Through struggle & commitment to yourself, you will conquer the winning trophy called ‘Success’!

                                                Ascending the throne is in your hands. Do not let the destiny decide your life. There are no free lunches. Wake up, work hard and design your own destiny. Give it a try, give your best, keep boosting yourself and make your life a ‘Dream Life’ which everyone wants to live, because Fortune always favors the Bold!



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