– Sayanta Adhikary 

Swamiji once advised his disciples that it’s better to wear out than to rust out, for the well-being of mankind and to serve it. He emphasized on the other fields of work too. Human life is obviously for action not for idle contemplation. Our life is actually the accumulation of the minutes and hours. Even in every short span of our moment, we would have to go forward towards our goals unhesitatingly. One great writer writes a novel that remains unaffected by time keeping oneself awake day after day at night. In the same manner an artist paints on his canvas such a painting that even gets people of other ages to come bewildered. A scientist getting himself barred into the confinement of his laboratory months after months to get him absorbed in his scientific work for making a discovery or an invention.

All of us have had talent hidden in our hearts. We would have to toil hard; otherwise our talent will have to meet a premature death. Many of us spend precious life idling away our time and we want to get contained with the cheap creation found around us. But the spending of our life in this way is just like death to our merits. True men find joy in the work they are engaged in by sacrificing them for the sake of humanity. They actually mock at the horror of death all the time making it a life-stock!



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