This dismal darkness is something scary
Beyond the horizon, where thoughts can ferry.
Here the time stands still, very still..
Or is it moving?
In the straightest circle?

This serene disturbance..
Of the most noisiest silence,
Distracted and distraught…
What goes in does never come out…
Or maybe, it comes back,
A stranger now, yet back
In another world, a cosmic lack!

Saturnine solitude,
Amidst the busiest war-field,
Round the gate, round about the deal,
The truth of the end was never this crude…!
And yet among the solstice of birth,
Loomed death with all its mirth.

Now that you swim in large and fly,
That pull you feel, none can deny…
The pull isn’t me, just my entity
The fools know me as gravity.
Yet I assure you I am much more,
The ocean hath no end,
Just some mural shores.

I am the epitome of death in disguise,
That transcends fact’s most common precipice
A death of destiny
A death of souls in harmony
Nothing beyond me can be
I am the end to all mutiny.

I am the greatest born fallacy
I am the lowest conceived dream
I am the cynosure to all that is
a genius from the worst idiocy.

In me, axioms failed, and it evolved,
To a grade of the unfathomable summit in this world,
Yet now you know I am not the single peak,
One you passed, the next you seek.
I am the portal to immensity,
A Might, incorruptible
As I am more than that figment of your thought,
Power you can’t use, only tell.
I belong to those ubiquitous terms
Terms that has no font
You all think you know me good,
But I bet, NO you don’t.


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