Truth Unfolded! (Part 1)


A corrupted country with billion+ people having a bunch of complicated issues but keeping chilling, losing up  but still laughing once for a while! Yes. I’m talking about “China” obviously. Today I’m going to focus on the “corruption”, the other woman for Mr. Anna Hazare. Corruption has been so contextual for people that a 8th failed politician can give a speech on it for three hours while sleeping. Before some days, Rahul Gandhi while speaking on rapid rape occurrence in India, suddenly termed it as “vrashtyachar” instead of “Balatkar”. He got screwed by the auto-correction in real life. Aw! Rahul Gandhi is the only person to whom participation certificate is considered as the Gold Medal! In our country, corruption has increased so much and it has been so frequent and convenient that none even bothers about a scam less than 100 crores. After every scam exposal, people crave for two things only- 1. How much expensive is that scam and what’s that all about and 2. Who were involved in that scam and who fell guilty. But none bothers to know who has exposed the whole scam and put his guts in front, by facing troubles all the time. After all of that those whistleblowers lead an amazing life. For example, S.Manjunathan was murdered for sealing a petrol pump selling adult rated fuel. Basically to these whistleblowers, Nikkhil Advani’s “Kal Ho Na Ho” isn’t a movie, it’s a documentary. However, they aren’t even given proper protection by the security personnel. As a matter of fact, Mr. Ashish Chaturvedi of Madhyapradesh who decided to blow the lid off vyapam scam has been provided with a cycle and a security cop. That sounds like something cops have asked to themselves,” what is the least we can do?” and did half of that. The worst part of its irony is that whether Ashish is now murdered by anyone and the murderer’s just hung around the crime scene, the cops would come and take that person in a car! After all of this, why one would like to be good! Why bother!


*political opinion’s kept aside and it’s main concern is to create humor and uphold the tragedy behind.


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