A Gory Sight…


The silence of the night was shattered suddenly, with a deafening noise. Jerry sat up in his bed to find his brother, Tom already awake, his eyes wide with terror. Once again Jerry almost jumped as the same explosive sound thundered all around them as the entire floor seemed to shake. His mouth went dry as he realised what was going on. The city was being bombed.

Immediately a sharp piercing sound filled the air all around them. As the sound of the air raid alarm engulfed them, the brothers went sprinting out of the house. The Second World War had already given man more than his fair share of running practice. As they dashed through the streets, the road shuddered under their feet as they saw houses exploding into balls of fire. There was total pandemonium everywhere they looked.

Families fled from their houses as the bombs rained down, mercilessly. Not that the roads were any safer. Without warning, a bomb fell on the street a few blocks away from them. Instantly all those who were within the blast radius of this bomb, one of the many boons of modern sciences, were ripped apart and the buildings surrounding them caught fire and collapsed. It was a sight no human should ever have to behold. Jerry fainted as hopelessness encompassed him. He was jerked back to his senses as his brother took his hand and pulled Jerry along with him, forcing him to run as tears filled their eyes. The entire city had been enshrouded in a fiery inferno. Men, women and children had been reduced to mere animals running in the streets, nothing but survival in their mind. But then I suppose, that is the cause, method and result of all war; humans losing their humanity.

There was no respite. The bombers were coming back, their engines roaring as they came closer and closer. Tom and Jerry had just turned to run when a heart-wrenching cry came from behind them. They turned to find a woman sprawled on the ground trying to extract her leg from some metal debris that had entrapped her by the leg. Seeing them she cried out, “Help! I’m stuck! They’re coming back!”. “Wait here!” Tom said to Jerry and rushed to the woman’s aid. He started heaving the heavy pieces of metal off her leg. She was almost free when the bomb fell. With a blinding flash it exploded right where Tom had been. The little kid was flung aside by the shock wave and fell to the street. Hours had passed and dawn came. He knelt there on the road, his brother in his arms. He no longer breathed. His lifeless body was cold to touch. Jerry screamed out in despair. He had lost his brother. His elder brother who had always protected him and been by his side was now gone. He felt angry at everything. He felt angry at himself, at the enemy and at this whole war.

Jerry looked at the horizon and saw the sun slowly making its way into the sky. He sat there wondering whether this new day brought with it, a world of pain, suffering, bombs and war, staining our legacy with the blood of battle. Or maybe it brought a solution, a solution to find peace and to live in a world of love and brotherhood, a world where people did not get repaid for their kindness and generosity the way his brother did.



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