That’s how it goes…



Everybody knows that the sun will rise
Still we all fear the night;
Things being shown vividly enough
People still don’t believe their sight.

Everybody knows someone facing a gun
He won’t lie just for fun;
And every time else when people lie
Know that truth has given somehow a try.

Everybody battles throughout a day
Fight to be fought just to stay
And if the struggle starts to ease
Everybody knows that good things will cease.

Everybody knows how to smile
How to answer a ‘how are you’;
But people knowing when to smile,
The number consists of only a few.

Everybody knows how to bow down,
That before the power you are just a clown;
And at the end, of the fixed game
Everybody knows that the bad guys have won.

Everybody knows it is hard to find
Money which is lost and the love of the life;
But everybody in search of the both
Loves to have faith in their fight.

Everybody sees children being raised on road,
Police being bribed and people doing fraud;
But everybody just opts to be quiet
And lament over things what could have been done might.

Everybody still loves to live,
Everybody knows his friends and foes,
The incessant process of give and take;
“As Everybody knows that’s how it goes.”


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