U :- Interviewer

S :- Shamik


U – Who is your favorite cricketer?

S – Well..Its Sourav Ganguly

U – You have seen Sachin Tendulkar playing, Rahul Dravid in action then why Ganguly!! Because he is a bengali??

S – Not at all. Ganguly would have been my favorite if he would have been from Punjab or Diu or Kashmir. It’s the game he plays not the language he speaks or the state he belongs to.

U – But that’s only answering my question partially. Tell me why Ganguly. You don’t need to be a cricket genius to know or judge that Tendulkar or Dravid was a better player than him. Mark my words, I asked you who is your favorite cricketer and not your favorite personality or so. If you are choosing Ganguly for the dynamicity of his personality then better amend your answer.

S – Well it seems that you are more interested in establishing your choice over mine rather than knowing my answer. With all my knowledge and wisdom I still stick to my initial response; yes Sourav Ganguly is my favorite cricketer among all I have seen playing the game till date.

U – Very good then. Site some of the reasons why he is your favorite.

S – You love to eat chicken; isn’t that enough!! Do you search for reasons why you love to eat? Or simply eat when you are served your favourite dish?

U – I will surely eat the chicken merrily when served. But the case is that you are not choosing the chicken my dear. In a course served with chicken, paneer, vegetables etc you are choosing something like a papaya preparation. Well fine its your choice, you are free to do so. But you yourself should know why you are doing so, isn’t it. Is it just for the sake of doing it or are there some valid reasons…?

S – I may look a confused person and apparently a bit fickle minded…But but don’t you dare challenge my choices…Yes it is Sourav Ganguly, and he is my favorite because of the fact that he was not the greatest. It’s not easy you know, to share your dressing room with your friends of the same age who you know are far superior to you in the field that you all are in; be it cricket or in any other aspect of life. He dwelled with the best being much mediocre in abilities. Yet he managed to score over 20 k runs in recognized form of cricket and today he is placed in the top elite list of cricketers of all time. So how did he manage to do that!! He was not a born genius, neither he had great perseverance like that of Rahul Dravid to emerge into a genius in his lifetime; but what he had is the great sense of knowledge about this. He faced his weaknesses and never rushed to rectify them overnight. Rather he did what he can do best. The whole world knew that Ganguly’s weak point were the balls bowled to him at the leg stump, so what he did was make room for those balls on the leg stump by moving a bit away from the wicket and then played them in his strong zone – the off stump and today when we remember him we still call him ‘the God of offside’. That’s how admiration needs to be earned.

U – So how do you apply the philosophy in your life?

S – I try to. It has always been my inspiration. That mediocrity is not the limit for someone mediocre in abilities is what I learn from him. Another important thing he teaches is to be practical with things in life. With proper knowledge of his abilities he had always known that he can’t be Sachin Tendulkar or Dravid in spite of dwelling and competing at par with them. So he never ever tried to do so and at the same time has kept his self esteem level damn high. He played the game with the mentality that every accomplishment is coming as an over achievement to him and in due course he has nothing to lose. This is the way I try to sculpt my way through life.



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