Let’s just be ourselves anyway…


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When life is full of sufferings and hardships, you might be depressed.
Let’s just live life anyway.

When you are happy, people may be jealous.
Let’s just be happy anyway.

When you are kind, you might be accused of selfish motives.
Let’s just be kind anyway.

When you are honest, some people may cheat you.
Let’s just be honest anyway.

When you trust others, you might be betrayed.
Let’s just trust others anyway.

When you succeed, you win false friends and true enemies.
Let’s just succeed anyway.

When people are unreasonable and selfish, you might be hurt.
Let’s just forgive them anyway.

When you’ve built for years, someone might destroy it overnight.
Let’s just build on anyway.

When people make mistakes, you might have to suffer.
Let’s give them a second chance anyway.

When you do something good today, it might be forgotten tomorrow.
Let’s just do good anyway.

When people realize their mistakes and apologize for it,
Maybe it’s time to forgive them anyway.

When you give your best, it might not seem enough.
Let’s give our best anyway.

You see, the final analysis is between you and yourself.
It was never between you and them anyway.


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