Image result for girl sitting alone at night
Dark mornings know me best,
Know the fear I suppress.
It consumes my heart,
Constricts it tight.
Fear of love, fear of hate,
Fear of losing my own faith,
Fear of the future, and what it holds,
Fear of growing so cold.
The night monsters watch me sleep,
Watch me writhe in painful peace.
They call themselves insanity,
Beckon me until I give in.
Afraid of not being good enough,
Afraid of giving too much love,
Afraid of letting you see me naked,
Afraid that we won’t make it.
My tears won’t appear tonight.
I’m all cried dry.
Scarlet drops replace them now.
I am dead inside and out.
Scared of letting myself go,
Scared of letting the world know,
Scared of what fear does to me,
Consuming me and making me weak.

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