Cancer, How?


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Why, how, what?
Are the things I asked?
As my tears,
Fell against the cold, clear glass.
I don’t want to hear it,
Make it go away.
They’re lying dear,
This can’t be true.
Why did this have to happen to you?
They say they have the cure,
And they tell me they are sure.
How do I believe it, I’m just a little girl.
They bring you through the door.
Why so many cords.
Maybe they fixed you, maybe there is more?
I want them to be done, they have had their fun.
You open your eyes, it’s my biggest surprise.
You mumble you love me,
And I start to crumble.
As I push you through the door in the big chair with wheels.
I know how it feels,
To remember something so terribly real.




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I am the girl
Standing in the rain
Wishing they understood.

I am the teen
Who thinks she knows it all
And wishing that she could.

I am the cutter
With the blade at my skin
Wishing the pain could subside.

I am the friend
With all the advice
Wishing to live life.

I am the heart breaker
With the guilt on my shoulders
Wishing he was here to hold me.

I am
The girl
The teen
The cutter
The friend
The heart breaker
Wishing, wanting
To be set free.


Rohit Mondal

BOOK REVIEW: Half Girlfriend (Chetan Bhagat)

Well, I was left really disappointed and dejected with the novel “Half Girlfriend” by India’s best-selling author(marketing genius but content is not up to the mark) who is enjoying a cult status in India .

The story is yet another of those cliched-overdone themes. I cannot even call it romantic but a lame story of an illogical village bred boy “Madhav” and a city girl “Riya”. Mr. Chetan Bhagat has penned down an insincere and lame story in the form of “Half-Girlfriend” that has literally nothing new to offer to the readers. In fact, I believe this novel is better suited as a “Masala Bollywood movie” instead of a paperback fiction novel.

It is not that I do not like Chetan Bhagat and have a tendency to harshly defame his works like a well-acclaimed novel-critic. I loved reading his two novels, “Five Point Someone”(made into the super successful cult youth film- 3 Idiots) and Revolution 2020. To be honest, I started out reading novels only after reading Chetan Bhagat’s initial novels which catered to my interests because of the simple and relatable language and story in the novels. But with “Half-Girlfriend”, Mr. Bhagat has hit a big low in his literary prowess.

Chetan Bhagat is considered as the common man’s author in India but with “Half-Girlfriend” he has made a mockery of the common man’s sentiments as he has presented a story without a proper structure and devoid of logic and unrealistic cliched- portrayal of characters that cannot be justified with the “Common Man” tag.

I will rate “Half-Girlfriend “2 out of 5 stars” and recommend you to read it if and only if you have nothing good to do in life and want to kill some time. I hope Chetan Bhagat will improve upon the story line of his upcoming novels in the future and justify himself as the “cult-status-common man’s author” in India.

Rohit Mondal

BOOK REVIEW: A Thing Beyond Forever

So to be honest, “A Thing Beyond Forever” by Novoneel Chakroborty is a quite matured piece of literary work and does not actually seem to be his debut novel. I was really impressed with Novoneel’s style of writing, English vocabulary and his flow of words after reading the novel .

Actually, after reading the “Prologue”-first chapter in the novel, I was literally blown away by the creative portrayal of the delicate human emotions with the use of clever Metaphors, similes and poetic style. However, one thing that I must honestly admit is that Novoneel has put in a lot of effort and used a lot of English vocabulary words in the first chapter of his debut novel which were hard to comprehend for me . But as the novel progressed, the words used in the novel became simpler and easier to comprehend.

The book revolves around the character of “Radhika”- a young, hard-working doctor who goes through some bizarre series of incidents that lead her to her first love in a fantasy re-birth scenario. However, please do not mistake this novel to be one of those cliched chick-lit romance fictions. Instead, this novel asks deeper,philosophical questions about true love, trust, suffering, emotions, re-birth, life & death and makes us contemplate hard on these metaphysical, spiritual aspects of life.

The book asks a lot of questions and allows the reader to interpret the answers to them and actually affects our mind and its perceptions related to life. I believe any novel that can have a deep impact on our perceptions and thinking is bound to be called a “Good Novel”. Kudos to Novoneel Chakroborty for writing such a well-crafted novel that provokes our thoughts and makes us ponder.

I will urge all the bibliophiles out there to try this novel and will rate “A Thing Beyond Forever” 4 out of 5 stars. Also try Novoneel’s other works especially “The Stranger Triology” and “Ex” which are fast paced psychological thrillers that leave the readers captivated.

Rohit Mondal


হাজার অভিমানেও মুখ ফেরাতে পারিনি কোনোদিন,
তোর এক ডাকে ছুটে গেছে সবসময় তোর কাছে, এড়াতে পারিনি তোর কথা কোনো অজুহাতে।।
হাজারো কাজের মাঝে ওই চোখ খুঁজে গেছে তোকে..
এক পলকে, এক বার, এক ঝলকে খুঁজেছে তোকে।।
বার বার বুঝিয়েছে না! এ ভুল এ কল্পনা, তবু কল্পনাকে ছুঁতে চেয়েছে বারবার, ব্যর্থ অজুহাতে।।
হুড়মুড়িয়ে পড়েছে মাটিতে তবু প্রতীক্ষা করে গেছে তোর,
ভেবেছে এই বুঝি তুই আসবি পাশে হাতটি রেখে হাতে….
প্রতিবারই সে ব্যর্থ হয়েছে মিথ্যে অজুহাতে।।
যখনই কোনো নতুন কিছু পেয়েছি, জেনেছি নতুন কিছু, আর প্রতিবার তাই খুঁজেছি তোকে,
চেয়েছি বলতে তোকে ,
অজুহাতে তুই দিয়েছিস ঠেলে অনেক অনেক দূরে,
অভিমানে আজ গুটিয়ে নিয়েছি নিজের মতনকরে।।
ভেবে ছিলাম তুই বুঝিস আমায় হয়তো বা বুঝবি কোনো দিনও…
কিন্তু না…. তাচ্ছিল্যের হাসি হেসেছিস তুই… ব্যর্থ তাই এবারও।।
অজুহাতে অজুহাতে দিয়েছিস ঠেলে অনেক অনেক দূরে..
তবু আশা ছিলো কোনো দিন জায়গা নেব তোর মনে, ছোট্ট বন্ধু হয়ে……
কিন্তু এবারও আমি ব্যর্থ প্রতিবারের মত ব্যর্থ, মিথ্যে অজুহাতে।।

(অনুশ্রী কর)

The Face Behind.


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Masks I have many, masks to hide behind.
Masks to hide the bitter truths, masks that make you blind.

Masks that I am afraid to take off, and none of them is “me”,
For pretending is an art that is second nature to me.

True, I give an impression that I am all secure,
That everything is sunny with me, and life a vibgyor.

But please don’t believe me, oh please help me find,
Find the truth beneath the lies, find the face behind.

I need your hand, even when I say it’s the last thing I want.
Need you to say those soothing words when silence is all I flaunt.

So when it’s the same old, phony, rubbish song I am playing….
Just try to hear those words that I am not saying.