BOOK REVIEW: A Thing Beyond Forever

So to be honest, “A Thing Beyond Forever” by Novoneel Chakroborty is a quite matured piece of literary work and does not actually seem to be his debut novel. I was really impressed with Novoneel’s style of writing, English vocabulary and his flow of words after reading the novel .

Actually, after reading the “Prologue”-first chapter in the novel, I was literally blown away by the creative portrayal of the delicate human emotions with the use of clever Metaphors, similes and poetic style. However, one thing that I must honestly admit is that Novoneel has put in a lot of effort and used a lot of English vocabulary words in the first chapter of his debut novel which were hard to comprehend for me . But as the novel progressed, the words used in the novel became simpler and easier to comprehend.

The book revolves around the character of “Radhika”- a young, hard-working doctor who goes through some bizarre series of incidents that lead her to her first love in a fantasy re-birth scenario. However, please do not mistake this novel to be one of those cliched chick-lit romance fictions. Instead, this novel asks deeper,philosophical questions about true love, trust, suffering, emotions, re-birth, life & death and makes us contemplate hard on these metaphysical, spiritual aspects of life.

The book asks a lot of questions and allows the reader to interpret the answers to them and actually affects our mind and its perceptions related to life. I believe any novel that can have a deep impact on our perceptions and thinking is bound to be called a “Good Novel”. Kudos to Novoneel Chakroborty for writing such a well-crafted novel that provokes our thoughts and makes us ponder.

I will urge all the bibliophiles out there to try this novel and will rate “A Thing Beyond Forever” 4 out of 5 stars. Also try Novoneel’s other works especially “The Stranger Triology” and “Ex” which are fast paced psychological thrillers that leave the readers captivated.

Rohit Mondal


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