Cancer, How?


Image result for relative taking care of cancer patient

Why, how, what?
Are the things I asked?
As my tears,
Fell against the cold, clear glass.
I don’t want to hear it,
Make it go away.
They’re lying dear,
This can’t be true.
Why did this have to happen to you?
They say they have the cure,
And they tell me they are sure.
How do I believe it, I’m just a little girl.
They bring you through the door.
Why so many cords.
Maybe they fixed you, maybe there is more?
I want them to be done, they have had their fun.
You open your eyes, it’s my biggest surprise.
You mumble you love me,
And I start to crumble.
As I push you through the door in the big chair with wheels.
I know how it feels,
To remember something so terribly real.


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