The obscure lime light

Boarding on the last bus from the pub

The old conductor, he knows, will give him a laugh

And like most other days he will be forgiven the fare

Samson will return to his mess with his guitar.


The small mess room has seen many sleepless nights

Being fed on music when food was hard to find

He always dreamt of making big and one day it would occur

God will be compassionate enough to Samson, the bar singer.


The pub remains mostly empty, listener even fewer

Samson staggers on some old Dylan songs, as he could not get newer

While the happening street is seeing crowd dancing on new Hindi songs

The dated bar has breached Samson and it had kept him strong.


Samson strived for his passion still longing for a better life to live,

Got dipped in his life and left now with nothing to give

But miracles do happen, as they always say

Samson was somehow offered a new job today.


The color of the night never felt so dark to him

The consummation of his dream also felt too grim

3 times more wage they offered him for his daily show

Only he has to play some music that may help the new bar grow.


The street lamps prepared a stage for a live drama

The barking dogs had no answers to Samson’s dilemma.

The faded streets saw Samson standing at the centre

‘Blowin in the wind’ one last time from Samson’s guitar.



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