Isn’t it right?


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Isn’t it right that every child should have a bed
To have a roof over their head?
Isn’t it right that every child
Should be shown affection,
Be safe, secure, and have protection?
Isn’t it right?

We all have a right to an education,
Seek help, receive the right medication.
Everyone has the right to a good nutrition,
Not malnutrition.
We are equal!

We all have the right
To enjoy school,
Be treated kindly, not like a fool.
We should all speak our minds.
Our rights should not be declined.
We are equal.

We all have the right
To follow our dreams.
Isn’t it right we shouldn’t judge in looks,
Comparing ourselves to models in magazines and books?
Isn’t it right?

Express yourself,
Don’t be afraid to stand up.
Be you.
We are equal.

Suicide is a major problem
Among teens.
We don’t let them blossom
Into individual human beings.

Be yourself,
Don’t be scared.
We are not always here to be compared.
We are equal!

There is no one like us on the earth.
We are special.
Everyone is valued the same amount of worth.
We are all on the same level.
We are equal!
Isn’t that right?


Nitish Rana: A Rare Talent

The Indian Premier League is almost 3 weeks old now, having completed its first 23 games. This season has appeared quite competitive, as every team has delivered some surprises, dismantling the opponents in certain matches. The star players proved again why they got the highest of bids in the auction. Even some expensive cricketers flopped, not being able to cope up with the Indian conditions in front of a large roaring crowd. Among all these incidents, one young Indian boy caught the attention of every IPL fan. The Mumbai Indians rookie Nitish Rana has been splendid this season with the bat in hand.

Domestic Career

The 23 year-old middle-order batsman Rana started his career for Delhi, his home team, at the age of 18. The left-hand attacking batsman has developed himself under the coaching of Sanjay Bhardwaj, in the same club with Gautam Gambhir. Gambhir, the present Delhi captain too has backed Rana a lot, before he joined the Mumbai Indians franchise.

Rana made his first-class and List A debut in the 2015-16 domestic season for Delhi. He was immensely successful in the long format as well as in the limited-over ones. After scoring most runs among any Delhi batsmen in the Ranji trophy, he was second to Unmukt Chand in highest run-getters list in the Vijay Hazare 50-overs tournament. When it came to the shortest format, i.e., Syed Mushtaq Ali T20 contest, Rana was the 7th best batsman in the nation with 299 runs in 7 games at a whooping strike rate of 175.88!

Rana Ranji
Rana in punishing mood for Delhi against Bengal

IPL Call-up

His success in domestic cricket hence resulted in his inclusion in the Mumbai Indians 2016 squad. He played just 4 matches that season, though he scored a brilliant 36-ball-70 in a lost affair with Gujarat Lions. But the meeting with coach Ricky Ponting transformed Rana’s mindset completely.

In the 2016-17 domestic season, Rana was controversially dropped from the Delhi squad, which resulted in a feud between Gambhir and the coach, KP Bhaskar. However, he set his target at the glamorous stage of IPL, in which he would be representing the same franchise as of last year.

All his hard work brought him great success, as he went on to score big knocks consistently in 5 out of 6 matches Mumbai Indians played till now. The tally reads:-

  • 34(28) vs Rising Pune Supergiants (1*4, 2*6)
  • 50(29) vs Kolkata Knight Riders (5*4, 3*6) [Man of the Match]
  • 45(36) vs Sunrisers Hyderabad (3*4, 2*6)
  • 11(16) vs Royal Challengers Bangalore (1*4)
  • 53(36) vs The Gujarat Lions (4*4, 2*6) [Man of the Match]
  • 62*(34) vs Kings XI Punjab (7*6)
Nitish has already hit 16 sixes this IPL

Before the game versus Delhi Daredevils tonight, Rana already has 255 runs beside his name this season. He is the second highest run-scorer till now this edition, and is running behind the ‘Orange Cap’ every game! Rana has hit 16 sixes this IPL, joint highest with Brendon McCullum currently.

Given his destructive form and his ability of hitting clean sixes, he may be considered for the national team selections soon. Before that, Rana needs to continue the demolition like what he’s doing these days.

Also, Rana did not forget to credit former Indian cricketer and the current mentor of the Mumbai Indians, Sachin Tendulkar, for his accomplishments.

The Best Years



I lie awake in bed
with thoughts swarming around in my head,
the memories come flooding in
Of old times with my kin;
I can’t believe I am graduating from four years of stress,
But those years were definitely the best.
I’ll miss my friends dearly.
Oh, how they have shaped me to be the best me I can be.
Time flies, so enjoy it while it lasts.
Work hard and do well, but make it a blast.
You’ll miss your family and living at home,
But the real world is awaiting, it’s your time to glow.

It’s your time, and no one can stop you.
Trust me, life will shock you.
You’ll have obstacles, no doubt,
But whatever gets in your way, find a different route.
You’re wise,
So you won’t listen to the ones who tell you otherwise,
Simply be the best you can be,
And when you succeed, please don’t forget me.



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I blocked out happy and I blocked out sad.
People told me to open my eyes and see what I could’ve had.
As it spun and as it twirled,
Round and round went my misunderstood world.
Play, pause, stop, and rewind,
I wanted to leave my life behind.

With a “KEEP OUT!” sign for my future and a haunting past,
With the way I was going, I would never last.
I got depressed and I lost control,
I didn’t think of the consequences, I let my emotions go.
Violence and hatred flushed through my brain,
No happiness, no humanity, just never-ending pain.

I looked through the red, wet track marks across my once pure arms,
People judged and stared at the girl who self-harms.
You can’t feel my pain, and you can’t read my mind,
Think about what I’m saying; I said, “I was fine.”

I was vulnerable and lonely, a very easy target.
Now I am strong, confident, and kind-hearted.
So out with the old and in with the new.
Find the lost person; that is the real you.



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As she lies bleeding on the floor,
She promised she would do no more
Harm to herself: She really tried
But even she knew that she had lied.
Now she is dying and no one is home,
She has no help she is all alone.
She wants to get up and fix it all
But there is no one left for her to call.
Now as she dies on the floor,
She hears everyone calling her a whore;
She hears them calling out cutter-slut.
Now she wishes she didn’t cut
She wishes she could prove them wrong!
But now that dream sounds far too long.
She made the choice and now she will loose.
She wishes that she could choose!
If she could, she would choose life;
If only she didn’t grab that knife!
Now she is dead and she can’t be heard.
But she had so many things and words.
To tell you about and to show you now,
She could show what not to do and show you how.
To overcome those things too hard
To do on your own to play your own cards.
She would tell you it is wrong
She shouldn’t have done it all along.
But now she’s dead and you can’t see
How much she really meant to me!