Image result for girl with knife suicide

As she lies bleeding on the floor,
She promised she would do no more
Harm to herself: She really tried
But even she knew that she had lied.
Now she is dying and no one is home,
She has no help she is all alone.
She wants to get up and fix it all
But there is no one left for her to call.
Now as she dies on the floor,
She hears everyone calling her a whore;
She hears them calling out cutter-slut.
Now she wishes she didn’t cut
She wishes she could prove them wrong!
But now that dream sounds far too long.
She made the choice and now she will loose.
She wishes that she could choose!
If she could, she would choose life;
If only she didn’t grab that knife!
Now she is dead and she can’t be heard.
But she had so many things and words.
To tell you about and to show you now,
She could show what not to do and show you how.
To overcome those things too hard
To do on your own to play your own cards.
She would tell you it is wrong
She shouldn’t have done it all along.
But now she’s dead and you can’t see
How much she really meant to me!


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