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I blocked out happy and I blocked out sad.
People told me to open my eyes and see what I could’ve had.
As it spun and as it twirled,
Round and round went my misunderstood world.
Play, pause, stop, and rewind,
I wanted to leave my life behind.

With a “KEEP OUT!” sign for my future and a haunting past,
With the way I was going, I would never last.
I got depressed and I lost control,
I didn’t think of the consequences, I let my emotions go.
Violence and hatred flushed through my brain,
No happiness, no humanity, just never-ending pain.

I looked through the red, wet track marks across my once pure arms,
People judged and stared at the girl who self-harms.
You can’t feel my pain, and you can’t read my mind,
Think about what I’m saying; I said, “I was fine.”

I was vulnerable and lonely, a very easy target.
Now I am strong, confident, and kind-hearted.
So out with the old and in with the new.
Find the lost person; that is the real you.


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