The Best Years



I lie awake in bed
with thoughts swarming around in my head,
the memories come flooding in
Of old times with my kin;
I can’t believe I am graduating from four years of stress,
But those years were definitely the best.
I’ll miss my friends dearly.
Oh, how they have shaped me to be the best me I can be.
Time flies, so enjoy it while it lasts.
Work hard and do well, but make it a blast.
You’ll miss your family and living at home,
But the real world is awaiting, it’s your time to glow.

It’s your time, and no one can stop you.
Trust me, life will shock you.
You’ll have obstacles, no doubt,
But whatever gets in your way, find a different route.
You’re wise,
So you won’t listen to the ones who tell you otherwise,
Simply be the best you can be,
And when you succeed, please don’t forget me.


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