Last Day in college


I was still a teen when I first stepped in

the grand old weary college buildin’

Skeptic thoughts ran through my veins

Thinking for what would happen hence

What is in there, for me waiting;

Yet the ambiguity was equally thrilling.


Ohh yes those days, thrill was easy to find

Meeting a hundred new people was first of the kind.

And in a time when friendship has lost its humane charm

I saw these people, greeting each other with open arm.

The dawn of something big was being marked

And with every new marking, time magically passed.


Sitting on the slab with a cup of tea

Idle for hours and laughter for free

Or dancing in public at the fresher’s party

Everything was so much new for me

The startup business idea which sparked over a TT game

Or narrating an amateur framed film-story without any shame

1st smoke, 1st job and many heartbreak’s silent sobs

Yes the college only has nurtured all of them.


Amidst all these one day I was twenty

And the college wished me with the people joining in plenty

The joy I felt of being someone special for one day

Yes there were gratitude hidden behind that I could not say.

Soon a time came, when being in home felt boring

And every day we surely had some reason for college going

An uncanny grace used to attract us and with time slowly

the people and the building became the part of an extended family.


In a world where happiness is measured with happenings

The college had a subtle definition of finding pleasure

While lakhs were spent to have an annual cultural college evening,

Here a normal college day used to be more eventful in nature.


And now today when its time to say Adios

I could not figure out what exactly will I miss the most.

Is it the college and with all the boring lectures?

Or the friends made here, who will stay I know, forever.

A new life awaits which will open new doors for better future

Yes I had always craved for this only forever.

Then why is this blank feeling which is making me low?

The uncertainty of the greater prospects is also not thrilling me now.

Is it for because I am missing my college days?

Or because I realized no good thing forever stays.























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