About The Blog

“Run. Run hard and harder. Focus. Eye level parallel to the horizontal. See straight what you are shown. Don’t move or rotate your head. Don’t question, challenge, express. Come what may you RUN. There you go, a few miles more. Hell !! you can’t stop. What’s that. A sunset. Damn man you stopped to watch a sunset. It is a regular phenomenon, what’s new in it. You are basically a worthless and good for nothing. A sunset had cost you hard this time. Now get the hell out of here.”
Days are numbered; so are notes. Thoughts will be hindered; along your route. But don’t ever curb your imagination. It is the greatest weapon you have.”MASQUERADED INSURGENCE” welcomes you to be a part of this imagination. Come along with us in this humble journey . Express your agony, ecstasy, pain, anxiety, sympathy, frustration, pride, disappointment, contention through your words here in the blog. You can write fiction, share a self experience, give a movie or a book review, suggest a holiday plan, share a cooking recipe, give some dating tips :- it’s from anything to everything. The only condition provided is that the thing should be original in nature.
N.B. :- Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you.