The hardest part of ending is starting again.


“Cause I can’t see forgiveness, and you can’t see the crime,

And we both keep on waiting for what we left behind.”





I can’t believe you looked me in my eyes and said you had nothing to hide.


We’ve changed.



What happened to us?
Who can we trust?
We are not the same
It’s such a tired game
We all lie
We all cry
Why do we even try?
This life is too short
To live with hate
We can’t go back
It’s just too late.
I’ve tried to save you
But there’s nothing left for me to do
You’re always saying that it’s not you
But I know deep down that
That’s a lie
So there’s no reason left to try
So here we go
Time to say no
To walk away with nothing left to say
No more lies
Only goodbyes.

A walk in the evening.


Image result for city of joy

The cultured celebrate her as the city of joy.

The evenings here, they say, bubble with life.

Yet I see no destination in the eyes of the men about.

Am I the much hated cynic blind to the value of the animated bursts of infinite passion,

Manifested in a sea of humanity?

Or are these faces without features a mere product of my imagination,

Rather the lack of it? I see faces, lifeless and dumb,

Celebrating a party that was long over.

I see evening shops and offices shuttering down,

Fire used to seek blessings and protection.

Is there anything left to be protected?

Can anything be protected?

Cars honk, autos abuse, buses screech;

Men are silent…and safe. Time creeps….

Isn’t it right?


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Isn’t it right that every child should have a bed
To have a roof over their head?
Isn’t it right that every child
Should be shown affection,
Be safe, secure, and have protection?
Isn’t it right?

We all have a right to an education,
Seek help, receive the right medication.
Everyone has the right to a good nutrition,
Not malnutrition.
We are equal!

We all have the right
To enjoy school,
Be treated kindly, not like a fool.
We should all speak our minds.
Our rights should not be declined.
We are equal.

We all have the right
To follow our dreams.
Isn’t it right we shouldn’t judge in looks,
Comparing ourselves to models in magazines and books?
Isn’t it right?

Express yourself,
Don’t be afraid to stand up.
Be you.
We are equal.

Suicide is a major problem
Among teens.
We don’t let them blossom
Into individual human beings.

Be yourself,
Don’t be scared.
We are not always here to be compared.
We are equal!

There is no one like us on the earth.
We are special.
Everyone is valued the same amount of worth.
We are all on the same level.
We are equal!
Isn’t that right?



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I blocked out happy and I blocked out sad.
People told me to open my eyes and see what I could’ve had.
As it spun and as it twirled,
Round and round went my misunderstood world.
Play, pause, stop, and rewind,
I wanted to leave my life behind.

With a “KEEP OUT!” sign for my future and a haunting past,
With the way I was going, I would never last.
I got depressed and I lost control,
I didn’t think of the consequences, I let my emotions go.
Violence and hatred flushed through my brain,
No happiness, no humanity, just never-ending pain.

I looked through the red, wet track marks across my once pure arms,
People judged and stared at the girl who self-harms.
You can’t feel my pain, and you can’t read my mind,
Think about what I’m saying; I said, “I was fine.”

I was vulnerable and lonely, a very easy target.
Now I am strong, confident, and kind-hearted.
So out with the old and in with the new.
Find the lost person; that is the real you.