It’s the 70th Birthday of Indian Independence! We didn’t even realize that this much days are gone, did we? Then what had happened in the past that made us dependent and independent? Well, there is a deep, enthusiastic and heartening tale of this auspicious day. Then let’s go into the flashback, recall the names, remind those incidents and reverberate the slogans of our heroes again on this Independence day!

Once upon a time, European countries like Britain, France, Portugal were having a peaceful trading in our country. They tried to take control of India in various ways, but only British succeeded. It turned on their greediness as the ruling Mughal Emperor – Akbar died in the 17th century. The political instability rose and the British took advantage of it. Through the medium of war, they managed to snatch many regions, and then the whole nation.


Some of the massive Battles:

• Battle of Plassey, West Bengal (1757)

• Anglo-Mysore Conflict, Karnataka (1799)

• Maratha War, Maharashtra (1818)

• Anglo-Sikh War, Punjab (1849)


British Governance:

British governance had ill-effects on Farmers, Artisans, Adivasis, Fakirs and Soldiers. Due to exploitation, the discontent finally exploded in the form of 1857 mutiny, when Indian soldiers were given cartridges covering with grease of fats of cows and pigs, which was against our religion. The extremist Mangal Pandey shot the British officer, and the revolt began.


Well, the Britishers were smart enough as they implemented the ‘Divide & Rule’ technique to bisect the Hindu-Muslim bond. This led to the emergence of ‘Muslim League’ later in 1906.


Although Britishers were exploiting, they started Railways and other transport, mills, technology and most importantly – Western Education. Now, Indians took advantage of this and realized the necessity of revolution in the backwardness of Indian society.


The Beginning of Renaissance:

~ Women reform: Raja Ram Mohan Roy

~ Girls’ & Dalits’ school: Mahatma Phule

~ Caste discrimination reform: G.G Agarkar

~ Growth of Literature and Science:

Mahadev Ranade, Rabindranath Tagore, C.V.Raman – Nobel Prize winners


Patriotic Perception:

In 1885, Indian National Congress was established. It helped to create political awakening and cultivate patriotic values. The extremist leaders like Lokmanya Tilak, Bipin Chandra Pal, Lala Lajpat Rai led the nation in an aggressive way. ‘Swarajya majha janmasidhha hakka ahe ani to me milavnarach!’ (Swaraj is my birth right and I shall have it) were Lokmanya Tilak’s immense words. Through newspapers like Kesari and Maratha, the unity started to develop.


Bengal Partition:

Showing the cause of inconvenience for administration, British decided to do the partition of Bengal state in 1905. The hidden evil purpose was to divide the Hindus and Muslims of Bengal. Citizens strongly opposed the decision through agitations. 16th October 1905 was considered the ‘National Mourning Day.’


Division of Viewpoints:

There were some leaders who had the opinion to deal the issue with peace while some had the fire bursting out in them. The division of leaders – ‘Moderates’ and ‘Extremists’ resulted in a new concern for unity.


Mahatma Gandhi:

After the death of Tilak, now the barrister from South Africa, Mahatma Gandhi was given the responsibility of freedom struggle to make it reach to the peak of Independence. Through the extreme new ideas and values of Non-violence and Satyagraha, he managed to reunite the people and re-pressurize the government.


British was never ready to be defeated. They passed ‘Rowlatt Act’ by which the government could arrest any Indian without inquiry. Gandhiji and other leaders were arrested to prevent the patriotic volcano eruption.


Jalianwala Baug Massacre, Amritsar (1919):

Public meetings and conferences were banned in Amritsar. In order to protest, a massive contribution was made by 400-500 people in Jallianwala Bagh. General Dyre was ordered to open fire the unarmed people, in which 400 people were killed and 100 got injured.


Non Co-operation Movement (Aug 1920):

There was no way now that could stop Indians from fighting for their motherland. All government places and things were boycotted. A peaceful procession at Chauri Choura in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh had been fired by British police. A tit for tat, protestants set the police station on fire.


Revolutionary Movement (1925):

          Chandrashekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Rajguru and other revolutionary fighters planned to take out the treasure from a train in Kakori railway station for the funds for revolutionary work. Shouting the slogan ‘Inquilab Zindabad’ (Long live the revolution), they also conducted bomb blast in court and shot the men in red suit to protest against the unfair laws.


Dandi March (1930):

To oppose the unjust of taxation on the basic necessity like salt, Mahatma Gandhi along with 78 followers completed the journey of 385 km from Sabarmati Ashram to Dandi in Gujarat.


Quit India Movement (1942):

England declared Indians as their army for 2nd World War. When asked for Independence in exchange for this, they clearly denied it. The situation started becoming more serious.

Gandhiji appealed to the people,

“Every one of you, from this moment onwards, consider yourself a free man or woman. The Mantra is: ‘Do or Die’. We shall either free India or die in the attempt.”

Massive agitations resulted in the arrest of Congress leaders & more than 60,000 people. Despite this, from school children to old people, all participated. A school boy named Shirishkumar was brutally fired by the police.


Indian National Army:

The words from Subhash Chandra Bose – ‘Tum Mujhe Khoon Do, Main Tumhe Aazadi Dunga’ (Give me your blood, I will give you freedom) were strong enough to fill the energy in the atmosphere. The powerful magnetism of Freedom struggle motivated the Indian soldiers in Navy and Air force. They also decided to have their nation independent and hence went on strike. Soon British realized that their time was going to end.


India as an INDEPENDENT NATION (1947):

At midnight hour on 14th August, 1947 i.e on the beginning of the bright day of 15th August 1947, the Flag Hoisting ceremony at Red Fort was celebrated by millions of aspiring Indians along with the sacred souls of martyred freedom fighters. ‘Jana Gana Mana’ written by Rabindranath Tagore was declared the National Anthem of Independent India.


This motherland has seen many Sacrifices, Revolutions, Patriotism, Unity and Faith.

We Salute the Real Heroes of India, the True Fighters who created a Dream, had the passion to aspire it, the ones who taught us that big things take time to happen but they are worth, and you can achieve it once you have faith and unity. The living legends who were, are and always will be encouraging to every Indian and make them feel proud!


It’s been a long time and we’re trying our best to make India a developed country. There are certain obstacles of corruption, discrimination and superstition, so let’s take a vow to battle these and make Independent India a ‘Developed Independent India’. So what are you waiting for? Get up and create the magic again!

Pallavi Ekbote


Truth Unfolded! (Part 1)


A corrupted country with billion+ people having a bunch of complicated issues but keeping chilling, losing up  but still laughing once for a while! Yes. I’m talking about “China” obviously. Today I’m going to focus on the “corruption”, the other woman for Mr. Anna Hazare. Corruption has been so contextual for people that a 8th failed politician can give a speech on it for three hours while sleeping. Before some days, Rahul Gandhi while speaking on rapid rape occurrence in India, suddenly termed it as “vrashtyachar” instead of “Balatkar”. He got screwed by the auto-correction in real life. Aw! Rahul Gandhi is the only person to whom participation certificate is considered as the Gold Medal! In our country, corruption has increased so much and it has been so frequent and convenient that none even bothers about a scam less than 100 crores. After every scam exposal, people crave for two things only- 1. How much expensive is that scam and what’s that all about and 2. Who were involved in that scam and who fell guilty. But none bothers to know who has exposed the whole scam and put his guts in front, by facing troubles all the time. After all of that those whistleblowers lead an amazing life. For example, S.Manjunathan was murdered for sealing a petrol pump selling adult rated fuel. Basically to these whistleblowers, Nikkhil Advani’s “Kal Ho Na Ho” isn’t a movie, it’s a documentary. However, they aren’t even given proper protection by the security personnel. As a matter of fact, Mr. Ashish Chaturvedi of Madhyapradesh who decided to blow the lid off vyapam scam has been provided with a cycle and a security cop. That sounds like something cops have asked to themselves,” what is the least we can do?” and did half of that. The worst part of its irony is that whether Ashish is now murdered by anyone and the murderer’s just hung around the crime scene, the cops would come and take that person in a car! After all of this, why one would like to be good! Why bother!


*political opinion’s kept aside and it’s main concern is to create humor and uphold the tragedy behind.

Britain to Leave EU

Pallavi Ekbote


What is Brexit?

Brexit is literally British Exit (from the EU – European Union) and is favored by the majority of the voters in the UK. British and European leaders shall negotiate the terms of Britain’s departure based on the result of the Referendum deal held on June 23.


About European Union :

After world war 2, a movement was created for the alliance of 28 European countries including UK in 1993. EU operates single market and allows free movement of goods, services and people between the member states.


Why Britain departed from EU :

In 2008, a financial crisis occurred, resulting a recession in Europe. As a result, unemployment rose and tax revenue fell. Banks needed bailouts. The financial crisis of EU were uneasy for the wealthy nations like UK. Also, the employment opportunities in Britain got the attention of other European nations, and they started migrating to England. This was also the major fact that made the British voters to leave the European Union.


Votes that decided whether to remain or to leave

The vote for leaving –  51.9% (17,410,742)

The vote for staying – 48.1% (16,141,241)

More than 30 million people have voted.



What Article 50 claims :

According to Art-50 of the European Union treaty, the state should be notified and obliged to try to negotiate a withdrawal agreement. However, the Brexit doesn’t represent this notification. It could take place within days. Hence, the vote is not legally binding and still can be theoretically blocked.



Consequences of this step :

1- The departure resulted in the resignation by the British PM David Cameron as he had not wished the country to exit from the EU.

2- The possibilities are that the next PM could be Boris Johnson, a member of Cameron’s conservative party & formal London Mayor.

3- The products, services and people of British could be in danger, losing it’s easy entry into other European countries.

4- About 1.2 million British people currently live in other EU countries. Immigration would be more complex issue resulted by the Brexit.



Impact on Indian Economy :

Sources are that there won’t be much chaos between India and UK in terms of trade and business, but the outsourced factories & offices in India might be recalled to Britain to create job opportunities. Since India is the largest investor of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in UK, it is obvious that UK will have to keep lesser regulation to India for the growth of their economy. However, Indian companies would be dealing with two sets of laws – European Union and Britain.


Kal Dekha Hobe

Mr. Mahser

Date:- 18/05/2016

Time:- 11:30 PM

Scene 1 –

Apnar buke byatha korche? Theke theke ki mone hochche ebare esob na korlei parten? Bises kore nana loke nana kotha bolche apnar name, kutkochali korche, jeno, age konodin kauke oi kaj korte dekheni? Ki durvagyo bolun to apnar, thik ei somoy i sob chobi berie gelo? Paray paray ghurlen bote kintu agerbarer moto sei ayojon priti o suvechcha ta pelen na bolun? Ta ar ki kora jabe, sob i oder chokranto. Vote er thik age erokom ekta video bajare asbe apnake niye ta ki apni swopneo vebechilen? Jai hok, apnar mone asa ache j kono rokome ebar o konorokome thik par hoe jaben, ki tai na? Ektu ghumie nin, monta taja kore nin. Charun, amio jani, apnio janen, aj rate apnar ghum osomvob. Jai hok, KAL DEKHA HOBE.

Scene 2 –

Eka hoyna, abar mathay duto party r chap! Ei korte ki apni eschilen e jogote? Cheyechilen raja hoben montri hoben somaj er seba korben, r faktale pocket ta sajie neben. Durvagyo apnar, 5 bochor matro vagye pelen, chaka oltalo, r apni pore pore mar khelen. Ta ebare ektu chance ache paye dhore gatbandhan mere seat nebar. Kintu byaparta j bishal chaper, ta valoi janen apni. Tobu, ekta asa rakchen, jodi miracle hoe jay! Dekha jak, emnio KAL DEKHA HOBE.

Scene 3 –

“Chilam na, harie gechilam , konorokome gatbandhan kore ferar chesta korchi” – ei to vabchen dada?  Ektu tension soe nin, kal jodi kichu abnormal hoe jay, apnar dunia palte jabe, Delhi te ghonoghono dak porbe, so ektu boktrita practice kore rakhun. Kingba, hoyto kissu hobena, ulte apnake hoyto onno pesa r khoj korte hobe! Khujte thakun, KAL DEKHA HOBE.

Scene 4 –

“Hawa chilo, ami chilam. Aj hawa nei, ami o nei!” Ki dada, apni eto mriyoman keno? Social mediay to 5 minute ontor kendrer bani share koren, ta nijer bela chap lagche keno? O bujechi, kal jamanot jobdo hobe kina setai vabchen to? Ta vebe nin, ajker rat tai paben vabar jonyo. Tobe KAL DEKHA HOBE.

Scene 5 – 

Sadharon ghorer modhybitto manush apni. Din boe geche, jamana palteche, obostha ki paltalo? Apnar somoy to thikthak chakri ta holo na dolbajir chape. Apnar cheler Medical Joint er ek bochorer kothin porishrom dhuloy goragori kheye gelo. K jane er por baire porte gele sikkhar r koto ki girgiti rup dekhte hobe? Tobu to apni vote diechen? Na diei ba upay ki? “Amar gonotontro amar kache dami!” Agamikal vor thekei sei TV r samne bose porben r vabben e ele amar ki lav o ele amar ki lav. Kingba laver age khotir kothai vabben! Ok dada, KAL DEKHA HOBE.

Scene 6 – 

Sara bochorer circus ta to apnar channel i chalay, ta last 4 mas e TRP to high cholchilo, ei season e ja kamabar kamie niechen. Kintu eto ki vabchen bolun to? O bujhechi, kal result ta berie gele tarpor ko diner modhye hurmurie TRP ta neme jabe etai vabchen to? Ta osubidhe ki? Shopoth hobe, bijoy michil hobe, utsob hobe, 1 mas er modhye pechone laga suru korben, peter daye khobor toiri korben. Obosyoo apnader chahida ta sobsomoy i besi, tai mone mone chaichen manush bored hoe geche ei ek subject nie ebar boro kichu ghotuk onno topic e – jodi seta cover kore abar kopal khole. Bolchilam ki, kalker bidwojon der ki vor thekei duty? Onara ki overtime korchen kal? O khobor leak korte nei, tahole KAL DEKHA HOBE!