A Difficult but Necessary Solution


While the number, intensity and destruction of earthquakes are following a hike in last 5-6 years all over the world, it’s becoming very much essential to implement a forecasting system which would warn people about an upcoming earthquake a relevant time span ago. Till date, science and technology invented the forecasting mechanism for storms, cyclones, and almost every kind of climatic occurring but not for an earthquake. But recently, a group of geologists discovered a new concept which may help the prediction of a coming earthquake with almost exact date and time!

According to this concept, if the number of free electrons at the lower layer of ionosphere over a certain region increases abnormally, there’s a chance of earthquake in that region, whose magnitude and intensity would depend on the concentration of free electrons at the lower ionosphere! But how is the free electrons at ionosphere related with the tectonic activity many kilometers under ground? Well, it’s a noble gas called Radon with an atomic number 86, which links these two factors. When a tectonic movement starts deep beneath the earth, due to sheer collisions, Radon gas stored inside earth crust, comes out from the region and moves upwards. At ionosphere, already the gases stay in ionic condition due to extreme temperature, and so when Radon joins them, the electronic concentration rises! Therefore, keeping an eye on the lower ionospheric electron concentration, the people below can be warned about a coming tremor, in this way. Even the time of the shock can be calculated analyzing this excess electron concentration.

It’s difficult to implement such a measurement of electronic concentrations 7 days a week, 365 days a year, but still scientists are attempting it, in order to offer security to human beings living on a turbulent earth.




He brooded in darkness

Where there is no one else

Not a voice,

Not a soul,

Nor the warmth of another heart.





There were no doors to be opened,

No locks to be turned.


There was only the thick, dark night

Where he fumbled and found nothing.

The thing he touched………

The thing he felt……….

Was he himself.


No problem is beyond solution

With this science exists

Without this the science dies

He was the ultimate scientist

How could he refuse the calling?


He created a mighty dream of his own

A hypothesis of a new world

He tormented himself

And tried to find a way.

At last the time came

When the answer dawns.


The time has come to destroy

The darkness, the loneliness, the sorrow

The experiment must begin

Leaning forward he gazed into the dark and said,

“Let there be light”

and there was light.